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Wellbeing at work for public sector professionals

The objective of Länsirannikon Työterveys is to ensure that our owners’, i.e. the public sector's, employees receive at least as comprehensive (according to the scope of employer's contract) and high-quality occupational health services as employees of other sectors.




Telephone services

010 325 2200


MON-WED 8-15

THU-FRI 8-14

Starting from 28 December 2023, when calling a business number beginning with 010, mobile phone calls are subject to mobile call charges and calls from land lines are charged at the local network rate.

The call charge is determined by the caller's phone subscription agreement.

Cancelling an appointment


An appointment should be cancelled on the day before the appointment at the latest. For uncancelled appointments or appointments cancelled on the day of the appointment, we will charge a fee of 49€.

Appointments booked through online appointment booking can be cancelled via the
online appointment booking.


Other cancellations preferably via email to:


The message should include:

  • Your name

  • The reason of the appointment

  • The professional to whom the appointment is booked and the service location

To avoid the congestion of telephone lines, please use the above-mentioned methods to cancel appointments.

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