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Services promoting the working conditions and employees’ wellbeing at work


Development of working conditions

The need for the development of working conditions may be detected in the workplace's wellbeing at work survey, risk assessment, challenges in the workflow and wellbeing at work, employees’ work ability issues or in the workplace survey conducted by occupational healthcare. Länsirannikon Työterveys is the workplace's partner in the development of working conditions.

The development work may focus on the following themes, for example:

  • The smoothness of cooperation and interaction in the work community

  • Dissimilarity in the work community

  • Prevention and management of unfair treatment and conflicts

  • Management promoting mental wellbeing and the flow of work

  • Transformation management

  • Employee wellbeing and functional capacity of the work community in transformation situations

  • Addressing work ability challenges

  • Adjusting the work according to work ability

  • Solutions to work disturbances, interruptions and information load

  • Practices promoting recovery

  • Exercise and physical activity to support work ability

  • Ergonomics know-how in the work community

Working methods include facilitated workshops, training or longer development processes. The objectives, content and implementation of the work are agreed together with the client.


Group activities to support employee wellbein

We organise group-form activities that support work ability, according to the needs of the workplaces. Themes may include, for example:

  • Sleep management

  • Stress management

  • Pain management

  • Lifestyle change

  • Coping at superior work, promoting employee work ability

Groups typically meet 3 to 5 times. The duration, number and frequency of the meetings are agreed with the client.



Supervision of work

We also offer supervision of work for individuals and groups, as well as for the management.


Contact your occupational health team. We are happy to discuss cooperation to enhance working conditions and employee wellbeing.




When you want to invest in the wellbeing of your work community,
please contact us.

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