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Seafarers’ Health Centre Varha
Hämeenkatu 10, Turku
Appointment booking by telephone:
+358 (0)10 325 2200

Seafarers’ Health Centre

In the Wellbeing Services County of Southwest Finland (VARHA), Seafarers’ Health Centre services are provided by Länsirannikon Työterveys Oy, starting from 1 January 2023.


Hämeenkatu 10, FI-20500 Turku

Appointment booking for seafarers’ medical examination, via telephone only, tel. +358 (0)10 325 2200


Chest X-ray in Turunmaa Hospital

Kaskenkatu 13, FI-20700 Turku

Appointment booking, tel. +358 (0)2 314 6260

Seafarers’ Health Centre in Turku organises the statutory health examinations for seafaring personnel. According to the act on medical examinations of seafarers (Act on Medical Fitness Examinations of Seafarers 1171/2010), the crew working on board must meet the set medical fitness standards.


Appropriate physical aptitude is ensured by a pre-sea examination and periodic examinations. When entering the industry for the first time, a person must undergo a “pre-sea examination”. For international voyages, the pre-sea examination takes place in a seafarers’ health centre. For domestic voyages, the pre-sea examination may also be conducted by an outsider medical examiner of seafarers.


Periodic examinations for domestic and international voyages may also be performed by a medical examiner of seafarers working outside the seafarers’ health centre.


The aim of the seafarers’ medical fitness examination is to ensure that the crew members’ health condition enables them to perform their professional duties, without compromising maritime safety, their own safety or that of other crew members.

Validity of certificates

In principle, the medical certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue. The validity of the certificate may be limited due to an illness, for instance. The medical certificate of a person under the age of 18, is valid for one year.

Important information and instructions for seafarers coming in for medical examination

  1. Bring a photo ID.

  2. If you have eyeglasses, bring them. Remove contact lenses before the examination.

  3. Bring the previous seafarer’s medical certificate. Possible dispensation decision must be presented in periodic examination. The possible dispensation decision commonly includes guidelines on what examinations and health certificates must be included as an attachment to the new dispensation application.

  4. A urine sample is taken in the examination, to examine the levels of protein and glucose in the urine.

  5. Time reserved for the examination is 60 minutes with the nurse and 30–60 minutes with the medical examiner of seafarers (physician). Please note that sometimes the appointment may take longer than expected.

  6. There is a €56.70 fee for a missed appointment or appointment cancelled on the same day.

  7. Persons coming in for a pre-sea examination for international voyages, must have a radiologist’s certificate on a chest X-ray image (taken less than a year ago). An electronic referral for the chest X-ray is created in advance, at the seafarers’ health centre, in connection with the appointment booking. A radiologist’s certificate is NOT required for domestic voyages. For periodic examinations, X-rays only on physician’s decision.

  8. Bring medical records of all possible long-term health conditions.


Chest X-rays in Turku

An electronic referral for the chest X-ray is created in advance, at the seafarers’ health centre, in connection with the appointment booking.



Turunmaa Hospital

Kaskenkatu 13, Turku

Entrance on the corner of Kaskenkatu and Sirkkalankatu.


Book an appointment for imaging examination in Turunmaa Hospital via telephone

+358 (0)2 314 6260. The visit is free of charge. The imaging is only for seafarer’s certificate.


Non-residents may ask for a referral for the chest X-ray from their own local health centre.

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