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Health is a top priority

Healthy employees are the employer’s most important asset.

Objective of occupational healthcare

A healthy and safe work environment, a well-functioning work community, the prevention of work-related illnesses, as well as maintenance of the work ability and functional capacity of the employees and health promotion.


Good occupational healthcare

A good occupational healthcare practice is based on multidisciplinary cooperation with the representatives of the employees, the employer, human resource management, occupational safety and health, and the personnel, as well as with specialised healthcare and outpatient care. The goal is for the employees and the work community to take initiatives in preventing and managing health risks. Occupational healthcare measures are directed at the employees, the work environment and the work community.


Content of occupational healthcare

Occupational healthcare includes, for example, the following:

  • Workplace surveys

  • Health checks

  • Occupational health-oriented medical care

  • Occupational injuries or illnesses

  • Work-related vaccinations

  • Examination and treatment of work-related illnesses

  • Assessments of work ability and rehabilitation need

We offer support to work communities and individual clients, in situations related to mental strain. We can perform a psychosocial workload survey that considers, for example, the clarity of work objectives, workload and pace, possibilities to influence the work, changes, management and cooperation.


We conduct ergonomics surveys related to the organisation and implementation of work, as well as the working conditions at the workplace. Physical ergonomics assessment considers, for example, work postures, work motions and their repetition, as well as work equipment. Cognitive ergonomics assessment, then again, considers the disturbances in the work environment, interruptions and information load, as well as visual and auditory ergonomics, memory load and competence requirements.


Based on the survey, we recommend measures to reduce the workload. We also work together with the management, superiors and work communities to find solutions.


In crisis or transformation situations, we support the employees and work communities with traumatic experiences’ release events. We offer support in solving conflict situations.

Wellbeing at work services at your disposal

In addition to occupational healthcare, wellbeing at work services are a worthwhile investment in the personnel.


Patient transfer training and supervision of work are important working methods in the healthcare sector. We also plan employee wellness day programmes, as well as coaching and development processes. You can request for a quotation from your occupational health team.


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